Importance of Contingency

Online Drives

Online Drives

Just for the record, this is my very first blog post. I’m feeling excited about it 😀

So I’ve decided to start by explaining the Importance of Contingency. I feel this is of utmost importance to people who have just started working on a project or you are a newbie at using data storing gadgets.

So why did I choose this as my first topic?? Well, I realized that many people don’t know the importance of contingency when it comes to data (especially Important data) loss. Lets us examine this scenario; Imagine you working on a project for about 6 months and all of a sudden, just some days to its deadline, your computer crashes and all your data is lost ( 😦 not a good experience). So I’m here to give you some ideas on how to prevent such an ugly situation. These are stated below:

Get a good AntiVirus

Yes, I know this is something that you are all aware of, but the importance of an AntiVirus cannot be over emphasized. AntiViruses help to prevent malicious programs from infiltrating your system and corrupting your files. Also if using a good antiVirus, it can help prevent your computer from being used as a part in a nefarious attack.

So generally, the antiVirus is a time saver, so get one if you don’t want to be bothered with the problem of viruses and worms.

Learn to Backup

This is something the average computer user doesn’t remember to do. The one and only safest contingency is to have a backup (nothing beats backup, if you think otherwise, then lets rumble :D).

There are various ways to backup your stuff, I’ll be explaining two of them, One will be in this post, while the other will be in my next post

Backup to an External Storage

This is the form of backup where all your relevant data are stored on a physical device (e.g a hard disk drive). This is one of the fastest ways to do backup (at least here in Nigeria).

But this speed of backup and restore comes with its perks. You will be saddled with the responsibility of taking care of this storage device. You must ensure that the drive doesn’t get infected by any malware, so don’t go poking the device into just any computer you see around.

Apart from infection, there are other ways by which the storage device can be damaged, check here for list of ways to avoid the damage.

Question: Why do you have to worry about backup and at the same time worry about how the backup will be kept safe ?

Answer: You don’t have to worry (Good News :D), that is why there are Online Storage Services.

Online Storage is a solution that keeps you from worring about backup safety….More on Online Storage Services in my next post


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